Nightly Update

Broken heart.
Every time I am alone I can’t help but cry… Or if someone asks if I am okay..
Disappointed in myself.
Need to practice on being happy.. But all of this is actually making it worse..
It’s just really hard to put a smile on my face.. Without it turning into a sad shaking frown ready for my tears to slide by..
No appetite.
Same songs on repeat.
Getting ready for my trip.. Really don’t know how I feel about that anymore..
Oooo I put all the gifts he has ever given me on my highest bookshelf..
…. Durning my shower I found a left over love mark.. That doesn’t help.. Annnnnnd yup that’s today.. Trying to be happy.. happy happy happy.



Would losing me even be a loss?

All I wonder (via uncuntcious)

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your "me" page doesn't work

yes i know i am trying to fix it 

It’s been around 3 hours but it feels like a life time… I can’t do this.. And you know it…